His name is Jamil

His name is Jamil (Ja-meal).  He was born and raised in the rural Northwest Frontier in Pakistan to Quddus and Rhamat.  As the son of a long line of doctors, he was destined to become one himself.  His childhood days were spent in normal fashion with school, sports and family activities.  However, from such a rural background he rose to become one of the world's top cardiologists.

It's not just his accolades that makes him who he is.  He is a son, a brother, an uncle, father and grandfather.  Ever the teacher, he has led his family and his peers with dedication, passion and motivation, showing each of them that they too can conquer excellence.  He rose through the ranks of the Mayo Clinic, only to retire after 43 beautiful and prosperous years.  And throughout all those years, he endlessly dedicated himself to lead by example, travel and experience the world, and give his family the same privileges of seeing the world along side of him.

All my international and most of my domestic journeys have been because of this man.  In demand for his work, he always invited his kids and family to travel with him, sightseeing, and exploring the world.  We expanded our horizons while he lectured.  We were lucky enough to have him join us on some of our tourist outings, and those experiences by far have become some of my favorite.  I'll never forget him taking me to Spain when I was 19 years old where we explored the old town of Toledo.  Or prancing through old Italian ruins when I was 14 in Pompeii.  We once took a whirlwind trip through Italy, Isreal and Jordan in my late 20's, and my brother and I will never forget the trip to Turkey, Greece, Kuwait and UAE in my 30's.

The life lessons he shared with me were pivotal to molding my attitude and drive into who I am today.  The stories of the swan or the elk with skinny legs, will never be forgotten, and in honor of him, I have shared those stories with others.  I can only hope those stories have an impact on their lives as they have to mine.  There are endless examples I can give of his teachings, his passion, his love for family, and his gift for communication and touching people's hearts.

Dad, I love you with all my heart.  You have tirelessly dedicated yourself to your family and no one is more appreciative than I.  Your drive, pursuit of excellence and kind heart are all qualities I strive to possess, and if I can get 1/100th of the love and success you have achieved in your life, then I know I've done well.  Happy Father's Day my dearest Father.  I love you.


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