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A Unique Look at Shalimar Studios

October 18, 2014

Are you photo-obsessed like we are?  Then you probably are on Instagram and crave a daily dose of eye candy, whether it be from the fog-filled San Francisco Bay, to the quirky hipsters of New York, to the photojournalistic posts of National Geographic photographers.  And just like them, I am documenting the world we live in, a little bit at a time through shoots, events, and showcasing behind the scenes.

But the most unique part of my Instagram account, is that I also post live content while traveling so that you can follow along on my journey, experiencing the culture, people, and compelling locales just as if you were by my side.  Through Instagram is truly how I get to explore the world and share it with you to educate and bring awareness to the vast diversity in people, animals, and landscapes both near and far.  But most of all, I use Instagram to share images and stories not typically posted onto this website.  So join me in exploring and sharing by getting a unique perspective on Shalimar Studios and see the world through my eyes and camera.  I invite you to join me on Instagram here.