Salt River Wild Horses

For some of you who have been folllowing the blog for a while or following me on Facebook, you know I'm a little obsessed with horses.  Each year as a child I used to ask my Dad for a horse for my birthday and alas it never came to fruition.  I am determined as an adult to one day own a horse, but until then I can admire and photograph their magestic beauty.  

The shoot I did last year with Horse Around Town took almost 2 years to come to life and I was so happy with those results.  This time around I was out chasing the wild horses which frequent the Salt River just outside of Phoenix.  I was in Arizona for both work and pleasure and called up my friend Nick to go out shooting with me.  We were lucky enough to come across 3 different bands of horses, all with yearlings in tow.  I couldn't believe how comfortable they were with people in such close proximity and because of that Nick and I were treated to a sight I'll never forget.

We spent the majority of our time photographing the first band we came upon with a mother, yearling and a large male and then ventured up the river in search of other bands.  Luckily we came upon our second band with about 10 horses, 2 of which were playful yearlings.  They were quite rambunctious, running around and playing with each other, kicking up dirt and other normal activities.  Our last band was right back where we first started in the morning where we had orginally spotted wild cows.  Who knew Arizona has wild cows!

Thanks Nick for capturing this behind the scenes image of me photographing the horses with my 100-400 lens.

And here's a couple of my favorite images from the day of the first yearling we saw and then one of the older males from the second band we found.  I can't wait to go back again!


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