Ria's Bohemian Chic Photo Shoot

Gorgeous.  Stunning.  Exotic.  Beautiful.  Beautiful on the inside and outside.  This is Ria, and I am so excited to share with you all these images captured recently from her photo shoot.  I first met Ria when she was a participant in the Glitterati Charity Pageant last Fall where she won Miss Photogenic.  It's no wonder she won as the camera just loooves her!  Since September I've gotten to know Ria quite well as we emailed and talked about setting up her photo shoot and all the fun fashion stuff us girls can talk about for hours.  Well, it's not just for fun for Ria as she is a student studying fashion styling.  She is weeks away from finishing her program and has already completed internships gathering valuable experience.  Her keen eye for putting pieces together and accessorizing with the perfect touch has given her a unique sense of styling as she is able to pull from her Indian heritage of rich jewel-tones and elaborate details for the perfect look.  

And so recently, it was Ria's turn in front of the camera with styling by good friend and rising star, Allison Dickerson.  With a suitcase of flowy maxi dresses, crocheted tops, headbands and feathers, Ria, Allison and I headed out into the Nevada desert for a fun, flirty, bohemian-chic photo shoot.  A few changes of outfits, run-in with a Park Ranger, and lots of laughs, we made it through a fun evening.  There we were, the 3 of us, having fun, playing with fashion, and coming together as a team for a fabulous photo shoot I'll never forget.

Here's some highlight images from the photo shoot followed by a slideshow featuring the best images from the whole day.


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