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National Geographic Travel: Featured Instagram of the Month

June 29, 2015

Some of you know I made a recent trip to Zion National Park and partook in one of its iconic features, hiking The Narrows.  For many years I had heard about The Narrows from friends who made the short 2.5 hour trip up to Zion from Las Vegas.  But it wasn’t until last year that I made my first journey to Zion, and returned just last week at the invitation of my friend Nancy.

If you’ve followed along on Instagram, you may have noticed a few of my posts from Zion, one of which was chosen today to be the Featured Instagram of the Month on National Geographic Travel!  I’m hugely honored to be chosen, especially since Nat Geo Travel receives hundreds of images to choose from each month.  You can click here to see the entire post on Nat Geo Travel, including some of my travel photography background and information I share about making your own visit to Zion.  (Original Instagram post can be found here.)