Paria – A Persian Beauty

Okay, I’m not lying when I say this girl is gorgeous! She most definitely is, so I have to give her a big Raaar for her beauty. Paria is a real Persian beauty. She was born and raised in Iran and in middle school, her family moved to California. Mid way through high school she transitioned to Las Vegas and this is where I met her through Celebrity Makeup Artist LaVey Ortiz.

I had found LaVey through a mutual contact and we corresponded back and forth about an idea I had for a Bollywood-type photo shoot.  LaVey would do the makeup and I would do the shooting.  When I asked her if she knew of anyone from Middle Eastern decent that could model for us, her reaction was, “Yes, my friend Paria.  She’s GORGEOUS!”  And yes, I do agree Paria is gorgeous, and after you meet her in person, you’ll see she is gorgeous both inside and out.  After a few more emails and checking our schedules, all 3 of us nailed down a date for our Bollywood-inspired photo shoot.

We all met at Paria’s house where LaVey worked her magic on makeup.  Watching LaVey was like watching a master at work.  She warned me she works fast and efficiently, and she wasn’t lying!  As the brushes were working their magic, I was snapping away photos and watching the transformation of Paria from gorgeous to even more gorgeous.  I was very happy and proud to be associated with LaVey and Paria for this idea of mine that came to fruition.  They both were dolls to work with, and I know we’ve started new and wonderful friendships too.

Here is LaVey at work on Paria.

LaVey & Paria with the finished product.  Two stunning ladies!

And here’s some highlight images from my session with Paria.

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