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Las Vegas Refugees

September 19, 2017

I started earlier this year a relationship and partnership with Lighthouse Charities.  Lighthouse does tremendous work here in the Las Vegas area helping to support and resettle refugees.  Earlier this year we conducted a portrait series of several families where we were able to create portraits of each family in a studio setting, and gift each family a print of their own to keep.  For some families, this is the only or first family portrait they own.

Lighthouse Charities provides so much support and resources for these newly resettled families, including providing them free English classes to help them learn this language which may be completely new to them.  I popped in to one of their classes recently and was able to capture some more portraits of the attendees right there on the church grounds.  I can’t even imagine the amount of struggle and horrific circumstances they have endured to get to this point, so seeing some smiling faces and families coming together was completely heartwarming.  Each of these families are refugees from Afghanistan.