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Corporate Headshots

February 20, 2019

We were honored to provide a headshot station for one of our long-time corporate clients. This is the 7th year this client has brought their national sales team to Las Vegas for an annual conference, and each year we have set up a station and provide their 500+ attendees a brand new headshot.

We’ve talked about the value of a headshot in prior blog posts which you can reference, but it is important enough for us to reiterate some of it here.

Headshots are your best way to make a great first impression. In the digital age, your photo will be the first handshake you make to a potential client, coworker, or associate, and as we all know, you can’t take that back if it doesn’t represent you well and in the present. A great headshot will build trust.

We can provide headshots for you in our studio, on location, or bring our studio to you for an event such as this where attendees or employees can stop by on a brief break from their work or conference. Let us do the hard work for you to present you in your best light. Give us a call or email us for a quote.