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Samantha’s Fitness Photo Shoot

July 26, 2019

I met Samantha at TruFusion where both of us workout in heated and non-heated classes. I love my workouts there, and it has become a second home to me where I’ve met some of my closest friends since moving to Scottsdale 1.5 years ago. While attending a recent class, I learned Samantha is a professional makeup artist with time spent in New York working on some of that cities most famous faces.

After learning about her makeup career and journey, Samantha opened up to me about her fitness story. In a surprise to me and many others, I learned Samantha was in the final moments of reaching her goal of losing 100 pounds! She showed me a before photo and she was virtually unrecognizable. We immediately chatted about setting up a shoot to celebrate her fitness win, and well, the results speak for themselves. I’m so proud of her grit and determination and most of all to call her a friend.

Sam’s story was so inspirational, that it was also featured in the August issue of Scottsdale Health Magazine. A huge thank you to TruFusion Scottsdale for letting us shoot in their space, and if you need a makeup artist, contact Samantha.