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Nami’s Urban Ballet Photo Shoot

October 31, 2019

I have been inspired by ballet dancers for many years, despite not having had any type of dance lessons or classes in my life. However their lines, their grace, form and movement all inspire me. So after a few years longing to do a shoot of taking those graceful beauties and putting them in an urban environment, I reached out to former client Nami whom was a classically trained ballet dancer from New York City.

I’ve known Nami for many years, our paths have crossed many times whether it be through mutual friends, or our dogs attending the same doggie day camp. When I knew I would be back in Las Vegas for a conference, I reached out to her and she was excited to join in on the vision I shared with her. And the results speak for themselves. I’m over the moon pleased with Nami’s performance, and especially how she placed herself and created grace amongst the grit.

And this shoot would not have been complete without Nami’s darling chocolate lab Kona making an appearance too. Kona was besties with my doberman Presley, so there is a long-standing bond with her as well. I love how Nami and Kona made for the perfect dual in these portraits.