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Holly, Graham, Sid & Ace

June 29, 2019

About 3 years ago I did a solo trip down the Oregon Coast. It was a beautiful time, hopping and skipping down the coast, stopping on a whim’s notice and taking in all the glory of the Pacific Northwest. Little did I know at the time, but there are many beaches along the coast where you can ride horses. And if you know me, you know I have a mild obsession with horses. So when I ran into Holly and Graham riding their beautiful Arabians on the beach in Northern Oregon, I had to stop them and do a photo shoot.

Oregon Coast, 2016

That was 3 years ago, and I promised to be back. Luckily, the stars aligned and I found myself along with my boyfriend, on a second Oregon Coast trip. When my plans were confirmed, I contacted Holly and told her I would be back and we immediately set up a shoot. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple and horses to photograph in one of my most favorite places in this country. I’m so thankful to have met Holly and Graham, and look forward to more beach horse shoots and many more memories.